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About us

The right solution in the right place

At VALME we aim for total process control, which starts by listening to the needs of our customers. We then aim to develop and create the best products. Our technical office constantly receives information from the field which allows for continuous improvement of our product. Starting from our own foundries, and passing through the welding and hardening machines, our pipes, reducers, elbows, and other spare parts are all made in-house. 

Our keywords are:

  • Flexibility: The size of our company allows us to create standardized products and to provide tailor-made services with a fast turnaround time.
  • Experience: Many years of technical assistance in the field of various types of concrete machines allows us to constantly improve.
  • Collaboration: The research and development department has studied new anti-wear alloys and is constantly working to raise the level of heat treatment processes, with the main objective of counteracting the premature wear of the most stressed portions of our products.
  • Quality: Each component is subjected to careful tests on the physical characteristics of the materials and on the workmanship. All our products meet or exceed ASME B30.27 Standards.

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Valme North America is our U.S.A branch located in Franksville, WI. This allows us to be closer to the North American clientele and we can promptly respond to the growing demand with an even faster and more efficient service.

Valme North America can provide specific products used in the US market, such as standard and double wall pipe, chromium carbide elbows and concrete delivery hoses with HD ends, as well as HD couplings, weld ends and gaskets. In addition to a large assortment of parts, Valme North America also provides customized concrete delivery line systems for any OEM truck mounted concrete pump, fully painted to customer color codes.

All our products meet or exceed ASME B30.27 Standards.  

We are CPMA Certified:CPMA has always been an advocate for the concrete pumping industry by focusing on the creation of both safety standards specifically written for concrete pumping and the standardization of safety-related features on the equipment being built and sold.

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Our History

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We start with raw materials

Different alloys have been chosen with the aim to obtain different behaviors in respect of the portion of pipe designed. We start with the raw materials: Manganese and Chromium.

VALME mission is to put “The right solution in the right place”, so that the entire pipeline wears less and evenly, so that it can be replaced completely only when it is necessary. 

Production process

We care starting from design to ready products

Cutting-edge equipment and automated production processes are the company’s winning strategy, guaranteeing not only an increase in production capacity and reliability, but also higher standards of quality.