Total control of the process: We start by listening our customers’ needs to design and manufacture the right products. Our  R&D department directly collects feedback  “from the field” to drive the product development.

Once the design phase is carried out, the products are made reality by our skilled staff: starting from the in-house foundry, passing through the welding stations, the hardening, machining, painting and quality checks.

Flexibility: our dimensions allow us to be reactive to every customer’s enquiry, both for parts and in supplying “tailor-made” services.

After sales experience: ten years of technical assistance on job sites, on every type of concrete machine, allow us to keep improving our products and services.

Collaboration with universities: The  R&D department is focused on both the study of new anti-wear components and on the refinement process of heat treatment, with the main goal of facing the early wearing of the most used portions of pipe. Different alloys have been chosen with the aim to obtain different behaviors in respect of the portion of pipe designed. VALME mission is to put  “The right material at the right place”, so that the entire pipeline wears less and evenly, so that it can be replaced completely only when it is necessary.

Who is Valme

1985:  Valme born as Service Center for concrete machinery. Through a wise vision, Valme also start the design and the production of concrete pipes.

1995: Pulled by the evolulution of production processes and a continuos product research, Valme introduces a new product: the tempered pipes.

2000: Research & Development is the key of success for Valme: the double layer pipes with Valme brand are brought on the market.

2002: New products: thanks to the new foundry, Valme starts the production of special alloy new bends, more resistant to wear.

2006: Product range extension: Valme production is widened to gaskets, joints, manual stationary booms and other accessories for concrete distribution lines.

2010: New production process: the new automated process for pipes temper is launched.